About us

We are all about facts not fiction.

I'm David Benton and I have worked in the Italian property business for over 15 years. During this time I have helped hundreds of people buy, restore and relocate to beautiful Italy. My desire is to help you do the same thing by teaming up with trusted professionals to create a community where you can find the information you need to move forward with confidence.

I chose an area of Italy after visiting many times and have many reasons for my choice. During some of our lifestyle videos, you will be introduced to my beautiful area but primarily this business is about helping you make your choice, by giving you facts about buying, restoring and living in Italy.

Together with our team of professionals including an Italian property lawyer, tax advisor, foreign currency expert, surveyor and of course our trusted cameraman, we will break through the huge amount of bad information out there to give you simple facts and the confidence to move forward.

David Benton, A Home In Italy.

Untruths help no one. Isn't it time to finally find a place you can get the advice you need?

I strongly believe that when you offer advice to people you should take responsibility for what you are saying and make it clear whether it is an opinion based on real facts or just an opinion. All too often I read posts on Facebook pages and blogs that simply offer incorrect or misleading information - not just from the general public but from professionals too! There are too many ulterior motives for many people's posts. We want our community to be different. We will manage our online community to make sure you are getting the best advice possible from the right people. We will not tolerate arguments amongst members nor will we tolerate businesses pushing an agenda. We will offer you the best advice possible through our online products and services.

  • Our videos will contain information backed up with facts
  • Our forum will be strictly run to stop arguments and stick to facts
  • Our Webinar subjects will be clear and informative
  • Our exhibitions will be attended by professionals in the Italian property business

Our experts

David Benton

A home in Italy

Alessandro Gaglione


Gianluigi Sorressa


Jefferson Rocha

Citizenship specialist

Dominic Baldwin

Foreign exchange