Our signature expert webinars

6 recurring webinars with PDF support plus a personal consultation with an Italian property lawyer.
Limited offer just £89 !!!

The signature webinars will be hosted live, 1 per week repeated live every month.

Our signature webinars are designed to take you through the entire buying process. If you are heading to Italy before one of our webinars goes live, please contact us at catchup@ahomeinitaly.com and find out how you can register and receive links to pre-recorded sessions (Price £25 per webinar. Includes PDF Factsheets)

Numbers are kept low to allow for interaction and questions on all our live webinars.

Signature webinar users will have unlimited access to webinars and recordings for a period of 3 months. PDF documents will be sent directly to your email with helpsheets for you to keep.

Can’t make the time or date? Don’t worry, once registered you have 3 months access and you will receive a link to the recorded webinar and PDF Factsheets.
Future dates updated every week.

The Notary


During the final stage of your purchase, find out the legal role of the Notary, what they will check and what happens at the time of signing.

29th January 2021
18:00pm GMT
(Approx 1 hour)

Know the facts


A guide to avoiding early pitfalls, unregistered agents, what you can and can’t do with houses, outbuildings and myths about building regulations.

13th February 2021
15:00pm GMT
(Approx 1 hour)

Found your home?


What happens next? A guide to the legal preliminary contracts, your commitment and making the right decisions at this crucial time.

20th February 2021
15:00pm GMT
(Approx 1 hour)

Legal documents


Understand how the searches are done as we uncover the legal documents and understand potential problems and debts on properties.

27th February 2021
15:00pm GMT
(Approx 1 hour)


What is a webinar?

A webinar is similar to an online meeting but the presenter cannot see the attendees and the attendees can only see the presenter. This guarantees your privacy while you are watching our presentations.

What subjects will you cover?

The legal buying process, legal documents, debts on properties, inside the Notary office, restorations and much much more.

Can we interact and ask questions?

Yes, on some webinars you will be able to message your presenter with your questions during the event.

Will I appear on social media or be published on websites?

No, webinars are different from online meetings, you cannot be seen by anyone. It is possible to watch the event with your microphone and webcam switched off.

How much does it cost and when will they happen?

Unlike many other free webinars, our webinars will not be sponsored by businesses and will not turn into a selling session for services you may not need. We want to offer you the best independent advice. In order for us to create quality content for our viewers without the adverts, there will be a charge for our in depth Webinars (see adverts for individual webinars) and our signature series will include PDF helpsheets.

Can I watch and interact on my telephone or ipad?

Our webinar system will allow you to view via mobile phone, ipad/tablets or a PC.

How many people will attend each webinar?

As we are looking to create the best content possible and allow for lots of interaction we will aim to keep the numbers to a minimum to allow for your questions. Our current feeling is a number between 20 and 40 attendees but this may be reviewed at a later stage.

How do I book a place on a webinar?

When our program is published you will be able to click the ‘Register’ button on a webinar that interests you and book directly through our secure system. Instructions will then be sent on how the simple system works.

What will be on our factsheets?

Those of you who attend one of our signature webinars will receive PDF factsheets covering the subject we will be speaking about. You do not need to make notes during the webinar as we will supply you with all the important information you need direct to your inbox.

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